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Caitlyn Jenner was spotted heading into a London casino by a dapper Bisi alimi, just hours after landing in the capital .



Mavin boss Don Jazzy just looks too swaggish in this photo, with Yeezys. The boss hasn't been spotted all swagged up like this before....

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This episode has not been proofread at all, please forgive for any error'


The officers moved in one after the other carefully, welcomed into the cameras control room by three different dead bodies. Two half unclad ones and a fully clothed one. One of them bent to examine the bodies while the others spread around the room with their guns raised high in readiness for any attack.

Ken carefully examined the lady's body, there was a bullet hole in her forehead. She must have been shot by a professional because the hole was drilled right in the middle of the forehead and she had no other wound in any part of her body. It wasn't a close distance shot, he noticed as he observed the head with his gloved hands. He stared at the rest of the body, it was only clad in underwear, someone must have taken off the clothes. The male dead body beside her too was only clad in briefs, only the third, which was a man's body was fully clothed.

'These are our staffs, they work in this department' the security man pointing to the two half unclad bodies knelt beside Ken to explain. 'The other man is an external official'

'But I think I heard some noises here before we came in' Ken said, getting up to look around.

'I heard it too, it sounded like there were some movements' the security man joined, getting up too.

The other four men paused to listen, all standing alert with their guns. Ken continued to pace around checking behind and under each computer system.

'There is a secret exit in this room, only the senior security staffs and those who work here knows the place' The security man said as he picked a book from the shelf. He opened it and flipped. 'It should be here in the navigation map'

Ken joined him as they checked through the book together and discovered the secret route behind the shelf.


Tarasha used her phone's flashlight to brighten up the way as they rushed down the stairs of the dark escape route. The door was fastened behind by a simple metal lock which easily gave way.

A policeman almost bumped into Tarasha as she walked out of the escape. 'Sorry, did you guys see anything yet?' The unsuspecting officer asked.

'No' Tarasha answered briefly.

'You saw anything?' The policeman stopped and directed the question to Benny again, breathing heavily and wiping sweat off his face.

Tarasha moved forward, and pressed the Bluetooth device against her ear to reduce the noise entering as she called Cole's name softly. There was no response, Cole must have disconnected. Tarasha gave up trying after several attempts.

From the look of things, they had come out to left side of the events centre, just few centimetres to the backyard. She moved backwards to check, she could see the cleaners and chefs hurriedly packing up things. She saw a staff toilet there too. She took a quick look into the nylon bag in her hand, her cloth was still there; she heaved a sigh of relief.
'Hey' Tarasha gestured at Benny, 'let's check the toilet'. Benny quickly used the opportunity to escape from the policeman and followed Tarasha.
'Hey' a familiar voice called to them from the back. It was Cole, dressed in a police uniform. Tarasha and Benny turned back and headed straight towards him. The officer who had accosted them at the escape entrance looked at Cole in suspicion.

'We gotta leave quickly, you guys should enter through the back' Cole quickly whispered to them, pointing at a Ambulance parked far away at the front. A nurse was opening the back door to the part meant for patients.


It was five minutes to ten when Henry got to his personal apartment. He had chosen it instead of the cameras security commission quarters because of it's closeness to the event centre from where he escaped from.

The effect of the tear gas that has been dispelled by the police outside the event centre did not allow him wait outside the compound. He hurriedly left the environment and joined a cab which was going in direction of his home.

Henry didn't like the smell that welcomed him into his living room, not that it was bad, but it made it obvious that no one had been in the house for days. He switched on the bulb and searched for his air freshener, he quickly sprayed it before turning on the air conditioner. He finally sat down and took out his phone. His first move was to track his smaller phone to know the location of the Range rover in which he and Evelyn was driven to the event. But on a second thought, he opened the dial pad first and dialed Evelyn's phone number again. This time, it rang.

'Evelyn' Henry called anxiously as the call was answered.

'Henry' she called back, softly.

'Where are you? Are you safe?' Henry asked, happy that he finally heard her voice.

'I'm fine, what about you?'

'Fine too, I was worried about you'

'I'm safe, thanks'

Henry heaved a sigh of relief before he continued. 'Where are you now?'

'I don't really know this place but I'm in good hands'

'Just wait there, I'll come pick you up'

'No need, don't bother' She rejected with a strong tone.

'Evelyn' Henry called softly, in surprise of her refusal. 'I'm coming to get you' he insisted with a stronger tone. The line went off.


Tarasha ended the call and switched off the phone immediately. She was seated on a chair opposite Benny who was seated on the patients bed.

Tarasha took off the back cover of the phone and then took out the sim card. She destroyed the sim card by scratching the surface, then she broke it into two and dropped it on the floor.

Cole who was now putting on a lab coat over his police uniform was smiling and stealing glances at his boss through the front mirror as he drove with Aisha seated by his side, dressed in a nurse's uniform. The operation had been the most exciting for Cole and he was feeling so fulfilled.

Working according to his plan with the boss two days before the main day, he had driven out the Range rover after the security man had accosted him in the park and returned the car to where it was rented from. After that, he went to hire the ambulance and lab coat from the gang he had contacted the day before. Their choice of an ambulance was for the reason that they could easily escape with it and also disobey traffic signals.

They've had a successful operation, everyone had played their parts excellently and the team had come out victoriously. But something was wrong with the look on the Boss's face, Cole observed.

'Boss' Cole called, knocking the transparent glass in the middle of the partition.

Tarasha did not speak but stared at him in response. The look on her face had the message for him to say what he wanted to.

'Did we miss out anything?' Cole asked, taking another quick glance at her.

'No' Tarasha replied briefly. 'We did well' she added when Cole continued to look at her for more explanation. She continued with fixing back her phone.

'Okay, you don't look like you think we did well' Cole continued.

'True' Benny joined in the conversation. 'I wanted to say...'

Tarasha looked up with a frown. A frown which warned Benny not to speak further, he refrained quickly.

'You wanted to say?' Cole who didn't see the frown continued.

'Would you shut the hell up and face the road' Tarasha slammed at him.

A deep sudden silence enveloped the vehicle as a strange kind of tension gripped their hearts.

Even Tarasha herself could not understand. What kept coming to her mind was Henry. The kisses which were supposed to be a part of her job and long forgotten immediately after the operation began to play back into her mind the moment they left the premises of the operation. Her several attempts to wave off the thoughts proved futile and the pictures kept coming back to her head, stronger and clearer.

In her mind, she could see him again, standing speechless in front of his room as she turned to face him. His face shine brightly like the sun, emanating a kind of glow that brought a strange smile to her lips and happiness to her heart.

He fed his eyes on her body and then paused to stare into her yes, the flame in his eyes was strange to her, revealing a kind of passion she had not seen for a long period of time. What it was, she couldn't still explain. Then, he moved closer to her and mumbled some words. He placed his hand around her waist and continued to stare into her eyes. She placed her hands on his shoulder, returning his stare. Their lips met. She broke away shortly, the mission was not yet accomplished then, she couldn't let the strange passion consume her.

The mind drifted to their journey to the events centre, in the Range rover. The silence. How Henry was trying to avoid speaking with her. How his body shook when she rested a hand on his knee. He tried to explain but she covered his mouth with hers. Her hormones rushed through her body as she felt the soft touch of his lips again.

'Boss, Boss...' Cole broke into her thoughts, knocking and looking through the partition window. 'What's next?'

'Huh?' Tarasha's body vibrated, feeling embarrassed as all eyes were on her. The bus had been stopped right in the compound of their initial lodge when they landed in Abuja and they were asking her a question which she didn't hear because she was lost in thoughts.

'Boss, you said we're not going to stay here tonight, that we'll only get here to pick something' Cole said.

Tarasha who was still lost eyed both Benny and Cole who were staring at her wickedly and hissed. She didn't know what to say or do as she couldn't remember again her earlier plan.

'Who said we're not staying here tonight? 'She said with an intimidating voice as she opened the backdoor and dropped off the bus.

Benny was staring at her strangely as he stepped out too. He didn't understand what was going on.

'We are staying here for tonight' Tarasha said and walked straight towards the house. Now she was wishing that moment she had with Benny never ended. She wished she could go back to play the Evelyn role again but the mission was over, she had to return to her default assassin settings.

Aisha who had been silent all through the journey stepped out from the front seat and followed immediately after the boss to open the door because she had the keys with her.

Cole stepped out after switching off the inner lights of the vehicle. He was smiling as he joined Benny at the back of the ambulance. Benny gave him a cold stare. 'What? Why are you laughing? Do you know what's wrong with the boss?'

'Yes, I think I do' Cole whispered back. 'She feeling sad because she's going to miss someone here in Abuja'

'Going to miss someone in Abuja? Who?'

'Someone I saw her kissing passionately today' Cole replied, taking off his doctor's coat.

'Oh!' Benny's eyes since brightly in the dark, his interest arising more. 'Who was that?'

'Never mind' Cole managed to say while he flung away the coat. He dipped his hands into his pockets to pick out what was there. 'We will all know when the time comes' he said as he walked away, leaving Benny to stand alone in the dark.

Cole hissed as he brought out an handkerchief and a small Nokia phone from his pocket while walking away. The Nokia phone was the one he picked from the backseat of the Range rover before returning it to the owners.


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Tarasha's brain began to work fast, she started considering their chances of leaving that place without being caught and the options they had. Engaging the six new policemen in fight would be a waste of time because that would only create more time for more security officials to come.

She then remembered Audu, she didn't see him return to the security department by the stairs, he just disappeared mysteriously at her back in the computerroom. That means that he had returned through another route, perhaps a secret escape.

She walked to the female security official's body laying lifeless on the floor and examined it. In few seconds, she began to pull off the uniform on the body. Benny stared for some seconds before he understood what was happening. He joined her and selected a dead security man whose body was almost same size and height as his.

'They're on their way up' Cole's voice sounded in both Tarasha and Benny's ears. Tarasha took a quick glance at Benny and gave him a signal. She had already taken off the lady's top and was halfway with the trousers.

Tarasha got up hanging the uniform's top on neck. She dragged the lifeless body with her and entered into the camera's security room again where she fought with Audu. Benny followed her immediately and they locked the door behind them.

In few seconds, Tarasha was already changing into the security uniform. She still had the new gown around her neck and the old one in a nylon with her.

'Hurry' Cole voice came through again. Tarasha could hear sounds coming from outside the room, the security officials were already there. She quickly began to put on the trousers while Benny was still struggling with the shirt. The sleeve of the top was longer than Tarasha's hand but she rolled it neatly after putting on the trousers which was slightly oversized.

A violent knock sounded on the door. Benny was putting on his trousers already. Tarasha began to look around the room, she remembered that Audu had come out from behind a shelf. She walked towards the shelf to examine it.

The officers outside began to attempt opening the door with force.

**Outside the door**

Ken stood alert with his gun raised above his shoulders as a junior officer tried to open the door with kicks.

'That's a waste of time, the door is well secured' the security man said to the police officers. He got up from his knees where he was scrutinising the dead bodiesof his colleagues and proceeded towards the door. He touched the knob and tried to open it but it was stiff. He shifted back and aimed at the knob with his gun. Three shots and the door gave way


Henry began to search for the car in the park. He couldn't remember the exact spot it was parked, so he attempted asking the security officials but they were too busy looking out for the criminal and trying to control the crowd's rush to answer him.

The only option left for him was to leave the venue without a car like so many people were doing but he couldn't stop worrying about Evelyn. He couldn't leave without her, at least he had to see her driver first to know if the driver had any information about her whereabouts. He removed his phone and dialed Evelyn'sphone number again. It was busy. That was the reply he had been getting for several times he had tried.

'Get away, you fool!' Someone who was rushing out cursed loudly as his phone dropped on collision with Henry, he didn't bother to stop and pick it up. That's when he suddenly remembered something, he had a smaller phone which he dropped in the car, he could track the number to know where the car was.

'Please, you have to exit the venue right now' an official accosted him.

'I'm sorry, I can't leave, my girlfriend is still here' Henry replied, feeling surprised with himself that he had called Evelyn bus girlfriend.

'Just go out, she may be outside waiting for you' the man said and began to push him forward, threatening him with a rod in his hand.


**Port Harcourt, Rivers State **

Dakolo drove his CRV Jeep into his compound after several days of absence. He was too fatigued to even respond to the gate man's welcome greeting. He turned off the engine and released his seat belt. He took another deep breath before opening the door. His kids and wife were already rushing out of the house to welcome him. He quickly to turned to the back seat and picked up a nylon bag. He didn't forget to buy biscuits for his kids this time and a gift for his wife despite his tiredness.

'Hey Young man' his little boy ran into his legs as he stepped out of the car. He picked the boy up gave him a peck before taking out is brief case from car. His second and third boys hugged him one after the other and took the brief case and nylon bag from their father. Dakolo dropped the little boy and left him to run back into the house with his elder brothers. He was left outside alone with his wife.

The smile on her face made him smile too, he had missed her so much. Just too weeks in Lagos and it looked like they had been away from each other for years. They engaged each other in a deep embrace and afterwards a long kiss before saying anything to themselves.

'I've missed you so much' she said after they broke away from the kiss.

'I missed you too' he replied and held her hand, they began to walk into the house slowly. She rested her arm on his shoulder. He knew what she was asking for and immediately lifted her up into his arms and carried her all the way to the living room.

He dropped her on his laps as he sat on the three seater sofa beside his briefcase. The maid, Lydia greeted before taking the kids into their room. The couple engaged each other in another long kiss before speaking again.

'So, how was your trip' Angela finally asked, looking into her husband's eyes.

'Great' Dakolo replied, avoiding her eyes.

'How did it go?' Angela got up from his laps and sat beside him. The maid returned with a glass of water for Dakolo.

'Still on the matter... No lead suspect or new discoveries yet. Samantha Osman seems to have no one related to her in this country. No blood relation, no friends, no acquittances' he replied before taking the glass of water from the stool. He gulped it down immediately.

'That serious o' Angela hissed. 'So you guys did not make any progress?' She asked another question, starting intently into her husband's eyes.

He still avoided her gaze for some reasons, he had some news to give her which she might not like. 'Not really, the criminal is a damn professional' he replied, biting his lips after.

'Shhh...' Angela hushed him, glancing around the sitting room. 'You shouldn't use such words around, the kids might pick them up'

Dakolo gave a short hiss. 'Yeah, sorry about that, it's just frustrating' he said and bent down to start taking off his shoes.

'Well, we'll talk more later' the wife said, getting up from the seat. 'Let me make sure your food is served first and prepare your water for bath' she began to walk away.

'Angela' Dakolo called softly.

She turned back and stared at him without saying any word in reply. He had just taken off the shoe from his left leg and he stopped.

'Come sit down' he said, motioning her to return to the space beside him.

'Yes' she said as she sat beside him. He turned to face her and held her two hands, both staring into each other's eyes.

'I...' Dakolo tried to begin but was short of words. He turned back to his briefcase and opened it. He took out a folded A4 paper from it and gave to her. It was a letter, a letter of transfer to Abuja.

She kept glancing at his face occasionally as she read it. The transfer wasn't really the problem, the problem was that they won't be able to stay with each other for the next five months. How? They would have moved together but for the kids who were still in the second term of the school session. The education system in the country no longer allowed for admission if new pupils into schools after the first term, it only allowed for admission at the beginning of a new session. That means Angela had to wait with the kids for five months until the session ends. They had never stayed that long apart from each other.


**Ikeja, Lagos**

Chief Gab sat quietly in his living room, his back well rested on the couch's back pillow and his legs on a short stool as he busied himself reading articles about politics from Nairaland site on his tablet device.

It had been about two weeks since Tarasha and her crew had left for Abuja to execute his work and he had only heard from her once. She only called him to request for money to buy some necessary things, she didn't even update him on the progress of the job. But he was sure she would do the execution perfectly so he didn't bother much about it.

'Happy birthday to Chief Jubril Lawal' he mumbled to himself as returned to the front-page of the site, the thread topic was at the seventh position. He hissed and was about to close the browser tab but out of boredom, he scrolled up to see if he had read all political topics on the main page.

'Pictures from Jubril Lawal's ongoing birthday party' he read the topic on the second position and hissed. Why was his enemy's news making the headlines today? He hissed. He promised himself again not to read any news that talks about Jubril or any of his enemies.

He scrolled further and saw the time on displayed on the site, he realized that It was over an hour ago since he loaded the front-page. He clicked on the refresh button to check for newer updates on the site.

It reloaded, the first thing his eyes met surprised him. He wiped his face with his hands and checked again. 'Jubril Lawal Dead - Unconfirmed' was the new headline on the front-page. Gab quickly clicked on the link to read the news.

There was nothing long to read but there was a screenshot to back up the claim. "The minister of information just tweeted this now, we hope he's not talking about Chief Jubril" the details read and the screenshot displayed under it. It was a tweet from the minister of information who was also a guest at the birthday party. It read, "Something drastic needs to be done about these recent assassinations in our country, how can a former minister of defence be murdered confidently with all the security officials present?"

The source beneath the post was a link to Linda Ikeji's blog.

His phone began to ring as he started scrolling down to read comments. He stood to pick it from the centre table where it was and returned to his seat before answering the call.

'Chief Gab' Chief Nonso's voice rang in happily like someone who had just been awarded a trillion dollar contract.

'Yes, Chief Nonso. Good evening, I hope you didn't forget anything in my house?' Chief Gab replied.

'Noo, not that' Chief Nonso continued, 'haven't you heard the breaking news?'

'What breaking news?' Gab feigned ignorance.

'Jubril Lawal was killed today during his birthday party by an unknown assassin'

'Oh! Unknown assassin? During his party? Has he been confirmed dead?' Gab expressed his doubts.

'Yes, the news was sent via text message through my subscription to Linda Ikeji's blog and I just confirmed from someone who stays around the event centre where there party took place' Chief Nonso answered.

'Well, if it's true, then it's good news for us. We need to celebrate' Chief Gab excitedly.

'Yes, good news. I'm sure it would be all over the news by tomorrow. Let's just wait and see'

'Yes, sure. Thank you Chief Nonso' Chief Gab said and ended the call. He glanced at the phone's screen, he had four unread notifications. He swiped down to check. There was a message from Tarasha sent three hours ago. 'Job would be completed tonight, prepare the extra allowance for my employees' he smiled as he read to himself.

He closed the messages and opened the dialpad to quickly dial her number but it was connecting, same way it had been since she left for the operation, he had never been able to reach her, she only reached him when she wanted. All the same, he felt joy in his heart and he returned quietly to his former resting position. be continued

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We listened to the 20-track album and here are the 5 outstanding songs we recommend for you.

1. Gold:

Now this is what an intro should sound like.

For someone like Adekunle Gold whose sound is founded on story-telling, he perfectly executes this.

He eases the listener into the album; taking you on a journey through his career – from the inspiration behind his stage name to the challenges he encountered on his way to the top.

He does all of this employing just the use of a piano which sounded amazing.

This is indeed Gold.

2. My Life

Imagine yourself at an Owambe, a cup of palmwine in hand and Adekunle Gold is performing this song; in two words – ‘Faaji Repete’ (Yoruba phrase which literally translates to ‘too much enjoyment’)

My Life is that song that would get your old folks throwing all the 90’s traditional steps and you wanting to copy them.

This is a song channeled towards the ‘haters’ telling them to allow you ‘live your life’.

The African percussion used in this song would get you moving in no time.

3. No Forget featuring Simi

We know you have waited for this collaboration and believe us when we say they killed it.

After this song, it is going to be hard for these two rumoured lovebirds to deny there isn’t’ a romantic connection existing between them.

This song tells the story of a young man who decides to go in search of greener pastures, painfully leaving his lover behind.

However before embarking on the journey, he informs her about his hard decision to leave and convinces her to let him go. She reluctantly agrees, praying for him and pleading with him not to forget her and all the memories they shared.

This song shows the dexterity of Adekunle’s story-telling, his depth and the beauty of his unique voice.

Simi’s angelic voice also nails the emotional theme behind the song.

Let’s put the synergy Simi and Falz have aside, this is some serious passion we are talking about here.

Thumbs up to Simi on the mixing because it was tough spotting the 2 seconds sampling of Darey‘s Pray For Me at the beginning of the song. This sampling in itself is a brilliant choice, production-wise. It give you a teaser on what to expect from the outset – a tale of a journey.

4. Temptation:

Just as the name implies, Temptation is about a young man resisting advances from the wife of his soldier friend who is away on duty.

Adekunle Gold crafts a beautiful one with this as he even adds a line off the chorus of Psquare‘s 2005 hit of the same title.

5. Work:

Adekunle Gold preaches hard work on this one.

The message of this song gets clearer when he makes reference to the biggest act out of Africa at the moment – Wizkid using the title of the Starboy’s song saying “You say you want expensive sh_t, o fe ma fara we Wizzy” (You say you want expensive things, don’t compare yourself to Wizkid).

This simply implies you cannot compare yourself to Wizkid who laboured greatly to be able to afford these expensive things.



Nigerian singer Solidstar shared rare photo of his baby mama and son Josh. the singer is expected to drop his highly anticipated album WEED this year.


This man really arrived in, didn't he?


Nigerian man Habeeb Babatunde Lawal, a graduate of the University of Lagos, has transitioned into a woman and is currently working as an LGBT rights activist in the UK. He now goes by the name Noni Salma.

See photos below:



This outfit was spotted during a fashion show, I always knew it was soon going to be like this....Whats your take?

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Starboy Wizkid was pictured feeding his niece. Arguably Wizkid is the hottest musician in Africa as at now and he captioned the photo "uncle duties". The photos has so far received nixed reactions with some people saying he has two sons to practice with and the he could have used the caption




'I don't have a choice, I was hired to stop and stop you I will' Audu barked back as Tarasha stood staring at him. 'I don't give in to threats by ladies'

'Then, can we see what you can do without the gun' Tarasha challenged, motioning him to put down his gun.

He smiled in response and began to unload the gun, taking up the challenge.

'Don't try to play fast with me' he warned as he showed her the empty gun and dropped the pistol on the floor. He adjusted his trouser belt and positioned himself for a fist battle.

Soon, they were close to each other bouncing around in the little space left in the aisle between the computer systems.

Tarasha threw the first punch which Audu dodged effortlessly. He returned it with a blow to her side leaving her shaken a bit. She chuckled, straightened up and continued.

He threw a punch to her face but she dodged. He send a left punch to her belly, she blocked with her right hand. A right one, she blocked again with her left hand. This exposed his chest and belly for attack and she quickly grabbed the opportunity and made a heavy stamp of the soles of her foot on his chest. He staggered backwards and winced in pain, placing a hand on his chest. He didn't expect such heaviness in her kick, it felt like he had developed an heart attack.

He cracked his knuckles and rotated his neck before moving forward to her again. This time after making some mock gestures with his fists, he directed a kick with his left leg to her neck but she bent her head and took off his other leg from the ground with a kick from her left foot. He landed on the floor thunderously. His leg pulled a wire from a computer set mistakenly and the whole computer desktop was pulled and dropped on his legs.

Tarasha sniffled as she brought out her gun. 'I've got no time for more games, you ain't got the balls'

'But you said...' He was saying when she fired a bullet into his chest.


'Go meet the boss' Cole said to Benny, watching Benny's position on his device through the redirection which Tarasha had done on the system. 'I think she needs your help right now'

'Give me directions, is she upstairs?' Benny asked, staring straight into a camera being sure that Cole was watcing him.

'Yes, upstairs' the reply came. 'Just keep moving, I'll tell you where to enter' Cole minimized the clip to the DVD homepage and searched for clip which had Tarasha captured.

'Cole' Benny's voice sounded again. He already got to the entrance security department corridor without any word from Cole.

'Calm down, I'm trying to find where she is again' Cole answered. He selected an option and saw Benny walking slowly and glancing at the dead bodies. 'Hey, go into the third room by the left'

Cole saw Benny pause to listen and then continued walking straight. Tarasha came out of the room before he got to the third door. She was still in her underwear, little drops of sweat fell from her body.

'Here Boss' Cole could hear Benny say as he handed over the extra gown to Tarasha. He saw Tarasha's mouth moving but he couldn't make out what she said.

'Oh shit!' Cole cursed as he minimized to check the way for them. Four security officials were at the end of the stairs, three men and a woman.

'What's the matter?' Benny asked on hearing the curse. Tarasha walked where her ripped gown was, beside Afo and Blade's dead body and picked it up. She dipped it into the nylon after bringing out the new one which she hung around her neck.

'You guys have more problems to handle. More officials are climbing up the stairs'

'Damn!' Benny cursed too. Cole could see Tarasha turn to ask Benny what the problem was.


Tarasha tapped the device in her ear on, she waited some seconds for it to connect. 'How many of them are down stairs?' She asked Cole.

'Four and it looks like they are calling for more people' Cole said, Tarasha could hear him taking a deep breath. 'They are coming upstairs already' Cole added.


The cold dilution gas condensed on Henry's forehead as the security officers sprayed. Henry could breath normally now, he took off the mask and picked his phone which had dropped on the floor. He stood and followed the direction which the security officers were giving.

A lot of the victims were just recovering and were being helped by the officers to stand up. Henry was not really given much attention because he was able to stand by himself already. He only received a hand gesture from an officer for him to go out of the hall immediately.

'He took that direction' Henry could see a junior police officer pointing at the stage exit where the killer took, explaining something to his senior. He recognised the senior officer as the one who interrogated him and Evelyn two days ago. The officers joined with another group of officers and hurried towards the direction the murderer took.

Henry paused and turned back. His mind was not at peace because he had not seen Evelyn. Even though he was suspecting her to be a fraudster, deep inside, he still cared for her safety.

'Keep moving please, everyone out of the hall immediately' a voice shouted at his back. Henry had no other choice than to keep moving, a crowd of staggering fellows who were being supported to walk was surging towards him from the back.

He hurried out of the hall. Several people were rushing out of the main compound and police officers were scattered everywhere looking for the person with thedescription of the killer they had gotten.


Tarasha and Benny quickly positioned themselves for the coming enemies Tarasha searched Afo and Blade's body and took out their pistols. She ran to hide behind the wall by the entrance, squatting below the fire we extinguisher while Benny hid behind the curtain hung on one of the doors, holding with him the gun Tarasha gave him.

'Oo!' The first official that got to the landing, in front of the corridor exclaimed on seeing the dead bodies.

Two rushed into the corridor without noticing Tarasha behind the wall and she remained quiet and watched while the men scrutinised the dead bodies in awe. The other security man and the lady joined in the same manner except that the new man and woman were more careful. They cocked their guns immediately they saw the bodies and walked into the corridor, glancing around for signs of the killer


The group of five policemen led by inspector Ken paused as they got behind the backdrop. One of the officers bent down to pick the black suit jacket on the floor, he dusted it to see if anything would drop from it. Nothing did.

'The killer dropped his suit?' Ken stared in disbelief. The officers all surrounded and checked the suit together.

'Then he must have joined the crowd already' an officer added.

Ken paused and stared briefly at the ground. He squatted and used his pistol to pull a piece of hair closer to himself.

'Did they say the killer had beards?' Ken raised up his head to ask.

'Yes' an officer replied him briefly.

'That was just a disguise, here's the fake beard' Ken stood up. Another officer putting on an hand glove bent to pick the hair.

A man putting on a the events centre security uniform opened the backdrop and joined them. 'Have you seen anything officers?'

They showed him the jacket and the beard. 'The killer escape through this place'

'He couldn't have passed through here without meeting our men on the way'

'But you wouldn't have known, he changed his disguise' Ken said.

'Guests are not allowed to pass through here, our security men would have stopped him' the man said and began to lead the way. The officers followed carefully searching around the dark walls to see if anything or anyone was hidden.


The security woman was the first to see Tarasha, but a bullet was fixed into her skull before she could do anything.

The man with the cocked gun turned immediately to shoot but Tarasha was faster, a bullet into his belly brought him down. The other two officials were taken with one bullet each from Benny from their back.


'If guests are not allowed to pass through this place and your men have not caught anyone yet. Does that mean it was done by an insider? One of your men?' Ken accused.

'NO' the man turned back suddenly to refute strongly. It could be one of the external cooks and attendants that were... ' he was cut short by the sound of a gunshot. It sounded like somewhere far away.

The policemen were alert at once. One of them ran to peep through the backdoor and check if it was from the hall but it wasn't.

More gunshots sounds followed. 'Where could that be coming from?' Ken asked widening his eyes.

'It could only be from two places. Outside the hall or in the security department block'


'Is the way clear now?' Tarasha pressed the Bluetooth device against her ear as she spoke to Benny.

'No, six more officers are on the way' Cole replied her in a shaky voice.

... To be continued


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