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About the Penis....

Tips to keep your penis clean, sweet
and healthy.

As a man, keeping your penis healthy
and sweet is important. Your sexual
organs are very valuable and must be
cared for.

1. A clean penis is very important so
wash your penis with warm water at
least twice a day. Clean the scrotum
and under the penis shaft gently and
scrub your scrotal sack too.

2. Leaving too much hair around the
penis is not cool. During sex,the hair
can cause cuts on the vaginal organs and condom. Also, hair around the base of the penis can be breeding ground for boils and cause bad odour so shave or keep it short and clean.

3. Don't pamper the penis too much,
As soon as you notice an infection,
boil, rashes, please get help

4. Many guys wear one boxer for a
whole week or even a month but for
health reasons pls change your
boxers everyday. Dirty boxer may give
your penis a permanent bad smell
and a bad taste.

5. Guys what you eat affects the taste
of your semen or penile juice. Avoid
too much garlic, onion, alcohol,coffee
and spicy foods. Eat fruits that are
high in natural sugar like oranges
apples, mangoes and please take
honey too. They all make your sperm
taste good to feed the egg for a
healthy baby.

6. A woman's face may need makeup
but not your penis. Avoid using
powder around the penis. If you do,
especially after shaving, you might
have to deal with serious irritations.
The penis doesn't need perfume to
smell good so don't spray perfume
around your penis.

NB: For those who are not
circumcised, that is, the "kotib)tor
guys", in your case, please pull
back the the foreskin and wash
underneath with warm water

Always remember, a clean penis is
mightier than Goliath's sword..
Thanks for reading but Ladies, please
share to your male Friends, brothers,
Fiancé & Husbands

Friday, 26 August 2016


A hound dog lays in the yard and an old man in overalls sits on the porch. "Excuse me, sir, but does your dog bite?" a jogger asks. The old man looks over his newspaper and replies, "Nope." As soon as the jogger enters the yard, the dog begins snarling and growling, and then attacks the jogger's legs. As the jogger flails around in the yard, he yells, "I thought you said your dog didn't bite!" The old man mutters, "Ain't my dog."


#The flightless ostrich is the world's largest bird.

#Ostriches have three stomachs.

#Unlike all other living birds, the ostrich secretes urine separately from faeces.

#Ostriches are the fast runners of any birds or other two-legged animal and can sprint at over 70 km/hr, covering up to 5m in a single stride.

#Ostriches’ running is aided by having just two toes on each foot (most birds have four), with the large nail on the larger, inner toe resembling a hoof.

#Ostriches’ wings reach a span of about 2 metres and are used in mating displays, to shade chicks, to cover the naked skin of the upper legs and flanks to conserve heat, and as "rudders" to help them change direction while running.

#When threatened ostriches run although their powerful, long legs can be formidable weapons, capable of killing a human or a potential predator like a lion with a forward kick.

#Ostriches normally spend the winter months in pairs or alone and  during breeding season and sometimes during extreme rainless periods they live in nomadic ‘herds’ of five to 50 birds led by a top hen, that often travel together with other grazing animals, such as zebras or antelopes.

#Territorial fights between males for a harem of two to seven females usually last just minutes, but they can easily cause death through slamming their heads into opponents.

#Ostriches perform a complex mating ritual consisting of the cock alternating wing beats until he attracts a mate, when they will go to the mating area and he will drive away all intruders. They graze until their behaviour is synchronized, then the feeding becomes secondary and the process takes on a ritualistic appearance. The cock will then excitedly flap alternate wings again, and start poking on the ground with his bill. He will then violently flap his wings to symbolically clear out a nest in the dirt. Then, while the hen runs circle around him with lowered wings, he will wind his head in a spiral motion. She will drop to the ground and he will mount for copulation.

#All of the herd's hens place their eggs in the dominant hen's 3m-wide nest, though her own are given the prominent centre place; each female can determine her own eggs amongst others.

#The giant eggs are the largest of any living bird at 15cm long and weighing as much as two dozen chicken eggs, though they are actually the smallest eggs relative to the size of the adult bird.

#The eggs are incubated by the dominant female by day and by the male by night, using the colouration of the two sexes to escape detection of the nest, as the drab female blends in with the sand, while the black male is nearly undetectable in the dark.

#When the eggs hatch after 35 to 45 days incubation, the male usually defends the hatchlings and teaches them to feed, although males and females cooperate in rearing chicks.

#Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand: the myth probably originates from the bird's defensive behaviour of lying low at the approach of trouble and pressing their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible. Their plumage blends well with sandy soil and, from a distance, gives the appearance that they have buried their heads in the sand.

#The Ostrich is farmed around the world, particularly for its decorative feathers and also for its meat which is marketed commercially and its skin is used for leather products.

#Ostriches have inspired cultures and civilizations for 5,000 years in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

#In some African countries, people race each other on the back of ostriches with special saddles, reins, and bits.

#The wild ostrich population has declined drastically in the last 200 years, with most surviving birds in game parks or on farms.
Unlike most birds the males have a copulatory organ, which is retractable and 20 cm long.

#Lacking teeth, ostriches swallow pebbles to grind their food and an adult ostrich carries about 1kg of stones in its stomach.
Ostriches can go without drinking for several days, using metabolic water and moisture in ingested roots, seeds and insects, but they enjoy liquid water and frequently take baths where it is available.

#The ostrich has the largest eye of any land animal, measuring almost 5 cm across, allowing predators such as lions to be seen at long distances.

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-Click on your “Check admission status” to view your admission details.

Candidates are to note that 2016 JAMB admission letter printing has not yet commenced. From indications it may commence anytime soon.

Once it commences we will inform you and equally help you obtain yours. All you need to do is to place a request for it by clicking here once it becomes available.

You can also use this medium to share your admission details (that is the course and the institution you have been admitted to study).


The Nigerian army says Boko Haram leader,
Abubakar Shekau has been fatally wounded on his shoulder in an air bombardment by the Nigerian Air Force.
The airstrike was carried out on August 19, while the terrorists were performing Friday rituals at Taye village, Gombale general area within Sambisa forest, Borno State.
Colonel Sani Usman , acting Director, Army Public Relations on Tuesday, said that three other Boko Haram terrorists were confirmed dead in the attack.
They were identified as Abubakar Mubi, Malam Nuhu and Malam Hamman .
He said the raid took place while the terrorists were performing Friday rituals at Taye village, Gombale general area within Sambisa Forest. “Several other terrorists were also wounded,” he added.


President Muhammadu Buhari has said that religious violence would not be tolerated by his administration.
The President said this on Tuesday, while condemning the killing of eight people in Zamfara State on Monday.
A mob had set the house of a man ablaze for rescuing an undergraduate, who was accused of blasphemy, resulting in their deaths and those of six others.
However, on his Twitter handle on Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the violence.
“I received news of the mob killings in Zamfara with great dismay. It is barbaric and unacceptable,” he said.
“I assure Nigerians that the law will take its course. Under my watch, we will work to ensure that there is no place for violence in the name of religion, ethnicity, or in any guise whatsoever.”


Somebody knocks on door: Who is there? Police? What do you want? We want to talk. How many of you are there? Two. So talk with each other.


Nollywood Actress Rukky Sanda is a year older today. The actress rocked a golden Crown in this photo which she shared to mark her birthday.


Today August 24, is Funke Akindele’s birthday.
Funke Akindele, was born on August 24, 1976 in ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria.
Funke Akindele obtained an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in mass communication from the former Ogun State Polytechnic, now Moshood Abiola Polytechnic and also got a Law degree from UNILAG.
Looking through her life as she clocks 40, she has made enormous impact in the entertainment industry as she started acting at age 21 in the movie Unclad Wire(1997).I could still remember watching a programme titled, I NEED TO KNOW--a popular United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA)---where she played the role of Bisi.
Apart from entertainment, her impact is felt via her Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) known as THE JENIFA FOUNDATION whose aum involves nurturing talents and acquiring vocational skills.
On behalf of all staffs of legit9ja Media and all fans across the world, We wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and may God give you wisdom to impact more persons nationally and internationally.
gbogbobigsgirl, leftyomoghetto, jenifa
Happy birthday!


American music power couple, Beyonce and Jay Z both slayed in matching Grey suit as they arrive at the Hands of Stone Movie premiere in New York City on Monday.
The couple who decided to step out in the his and hers grey suit skipped the red carpet of the event but was accompanied by their friend, Usher Raymond who also starred in the movie.
With the couple having skipped the red carpet, Usher took up the paparazzi job and did a wonderful job making the power couple look good.
The 34-year-old Beyonce was captured grinning as her 46-year-old man, Jay Z wrapped an arm around her.
Beyonce chose grey heels to match her plunging double-breasted grey pinstriped skirt suit.
See photos below:


Sean woke up startled. He was sweating profusely despite the intensity at which the air condition was blowing. He just had a nightmare. Was it? He saw himself chopping off a young man’s body limb by limb. Each time the sharp machete made contact with the dead flesh, little spurts of blood were deposited on his face. The dead man was screaming for help and begging for pity as Sean cut him mercilessly. Ignoring the man’s pleas, he took the huge pieces of meat with the bones dangling on one side and approached the den in the Fortress. The sight of the dogs alone brought fright to him. The dogs were huge and menacingly wild. No one in his complete senses dared to enter the fortress when the dogs were not leashed or caged. There were three Rottweilers, two German Shepherds, one Husky, and one Wolf dog Hybrid. Ferocious dogs that were usually made to go very hungry before they were fed. The last time they ate was the evening before. And they were quite hungry, and ready to pounce. As Sean approached they began to bark in their den, the Rottweilers spewing huge amounts of saliva from their mouths. Sean stood a few meters away from the Den. Even though the cage was locked tight, he still did not want to risk taking any chances. He began to throw the pieces of flesh into the cage. Some got in. Some did not. In the demented rush for the meat, the Wolf Dog Hybrid forced the cage open. It came after Sean and the remaining pieces of flesh he had with him. Sean ran for dear life. He ran as fast and as swift as his legs could carry him. But Sean was not fast enough. The Wolf Dog pursued him and caught up with him. It pounced on him, sinking its teeth in Sean’s right arm which he used as a shield to cover his face. He screamed.
Sean woke up.
He was sweating. He turned on the bedside lamp, partially illuminating the room and casting a small shadow on the walls. He looked up at the wall clock. 3:26am. He could not go back to sleep. He was haunted by the dogs. He got up from his bed and opened a door to his left. He entered the bathroom and saw a large brown bucket stained with a reddish liquid. He moved closer to inspect the bucket. He was shocked at what he saw inside. There was a human head soaked in a pool of blood. His heart raced. So it was not a dream after all. He suddenly wished it was all a dream. He remembered all that happened the evening before. He recalled how Sophia had wasted the life of a promising young man just to prove a point. A ridiculous point. What in the world did they want with him anyway? He stopped starring at the bucket and face the small rectangular mirror on the wall by the sink. He washed his face and looked up at his reflection. He was looking very haggard. He hadn’t shaved in days and looked very unkempt. He made a mental note to ask for a clipper in the morning.
Sean got back to his room. He switched on the lights and looked around. He had previously scrubbed the tiled floors clean. The walls still had a little blood stain. That could be ignored, he told himself. He opened the drawer attached to his bedside table, pulling out a file. The first few pages contained a summary of his whole life and the past 4 months were summarized in more detail. He skipped that part and concentrated on the second module of the file. This contained a list of things he was supposed to do and a timeline for the completion of the tasks. He was expected of produce a 90% accuracy at the least.
There was a 3 months special online course on Cybersystems and Cyberspace. After that, 2 months of Router Hacking and Password Decryption. He had another four days of Wireless Systems, Radio Configuration and Cloud Redirection. His performance after all these would determine if they would continue with him to the advanced stage or discharge him. He did not like how that sounded. ‘Discharge’. He had a feeling that he would not be let go so easily. He feared the worst. He closed the file and thought about his girlfriend in Canada. He had not spoken to her in over a week. He missed her. He missed his mother. He knew there were agents at her very doorstep and that really worried him.
He heaved a huge sigh. He was going to get to the bottom of this. No matter what it would take, he was not going to give up until he got to the end of the line.
He closed his eyes and drifted into dreamland.
Tawo was furious. He was angry at himself and at the whole team. He was raging and venting his anger at anyone who as much as spoke a word to him. He sat on his swivel chair swaying left and right, both hands on his forehead. He was rubbing his temple and trying to find out where everything went wrong.
“Sir, there is…” Agent Ope started but stopped when he saw the bloody look of anger in his superior’s eyes
“You have 15 seconds to say what you wanted to blurt. If I am not impressed, I will have you monitoring the CCTV at Park ‘N’ Shop by tomorrow.” Tawo threatened.
The Agent hesitated for a few seconds. He kept quiet. He knew that if he still did not speak, the same fate awaited him. He decided to say what he wanted to and hope that it impressed his Boss.
“Sir, upon gruesome scrutiny of the playback tapes of the bugging operation, I noticed a blind spot. We overlooked that little glitch but upon proper inspection, I noticed that it was actually not a glitch.” Agent Ope said.
“You’ve got my attention. Go on.” Tawo said.
“There was a point that the target was stationary for about 90 seconds. That was our blind spot. I decided to check it out. I was able to override one of the surveillance cameras around the Redemption Camp. The nearest camera was a CAM70-Extreme. I zoomed in on it and adjusted the capture area.” Ope said, getting up and moving to the large touch screen monitor on the wall.
“This is where the target was blinking for 90 seconds,” He said touching a portion of the map. The touched portion grew large filling the whole screen. He continued.
“From here onwards for about 500 meters, there was no traffic and there are no fuel stations, restaurants, shops, fast foods or anything to make him stop. He was constantly on the move.” He touched a smaller portion of the now expanded map.
“This is the most acute angle that the camera could pick. I will rewind the footage of the camera at this point of the map sir.” Ope said.
He pressed a button on the screen and a video footage appeared in very slow motion, at the exact point the mechanic came out from. It showed the Mechanic coming out of a small hut which served as his workshop, crossing the road and going left. There was nothing after that. Exactly 90 secons later, the Black Honda zoomed past.
“Impressive Ope” Tawo asserted a smile on his lips.
“Thank you sir. The Colonel is very smart. He had the Mechanic come meet him at the exact spot where he knew that he would not be captured by the cameras. He deliberately put this Mechanic on the spot. We have no records against the young lad sir. I am sure he knew that. We can’t make him talk. It seems he is going to win with this one.” Ope concluded.
Tawo was thinking. His fingers were playing with small beard. As the video replayed, something caught his eye.
“Stop that. Yes. Start the footage all over. And pause it on 03mins:14secs” Tawo ordered.
Ope obeyed. They watched the video all over again. From the beginning, cars were passing. At 01mins: 16secs, the Mechanic crossed the road and started walking left. He was not visible anymore. At 02mins:55secs, they watched as the Black Honda zoomed past. Nothing happened for the next 17 seconds. Two seconds later, Tawo half screamed, “Pause Now!”.
There was a Danfo in the footage, pause as it was accelerating.
“That Danfo is just accelerating. Zoom in on the front passenger seat.” Tawo barked
Ope did that. A blurred face with a white background.
“Now take that that image and move it to the facial ID defragmenter. “ Tawo commanded.
Ope pressed a button on the screen, used the tip his fingers to trace the edges of the image and pressed another button. With his two thumbs, he flipped the traced image in one very swift fast motion onto the next screen by his right.
“Image received. Scanning and Defragmentation in progress” came a computer voice from the screen.
They waited 12 seconds and then an image appeared before them.
It was The Colonel in his white linen,
Tawo smiled.
“Get me that bus registration plates.” He said to Ope.
“Yes sir.”
Ope zoomed in on the registration plates, defragmented it and printed it out.
“Done sir.” Ope said.
“Good.” Tawo replied getting the printed sheet from him.
He pressed a button on his table. His voice went into loud speaker mode in another office on the previous floor below them. There were eight trained search agents in that room. Give them a tiny detail (a name or a place or a phone number) and they would search out and deliver every single information regarding it. They had access to any electronic device that had access to the internet or used a database. They were the best.
“Bee Hive. This is Super-Agent Tawo. I want all routes taken by commercial van with registration plates BZ739FST between the hours of 6:30 and 7:30. You have 15 minutes.”
He pushed back his chair, put his legs on his table one on top of the other. He put his two hands behind his head and closed his eyes.
“I am going to nail this bastard.” He said to himself.
To be continued…


So,a twitter user dropped a comment about Dbanj and Banky W having the best 'pull out' game in the industry.. I.e they have managed to not get any lady pregnant ..
Banky replied with 'Lol wow' and Davido who knows a thing about Baby mama drama commented ''Una try sha'' lol..
I find his comment funny!


Curvy cum busty Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, has revealed how much it was worth to create time out of her extremely busy career schedule to go on holiday with her husband in the United States for approximately three weeks. Shortly after her return to her home country, the pretty mother of three spoke to Potpourri on the importance of taking time out to go on vacations.
“We went to spend time together, three kids, three years, its fun; it’s awesome. In marriage, it’s necessary to have time to reminisce, plan and talk” she said excitedly
Responding to why she’s already working barely a week after her return from the United States with her husband, she responded; “It’s not about the money, as a person I combine my marriage, my kids, my work together. I’ve done that for the past five years. My kids are on holidays now, so it’s a better time for me to work before they get back to school; it’s actually a better timing. Like I always say, it’s not about the money but the passion I have for my work.”

SOURCE : Vanguard